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Project Description
LiveTracker is a Windows mobile app that can be used as a launch point for implementing location-based and fleet tracking mobile applications. Something like the mLOB released from Microsoft, but with specific focus on the GIS area.

A .NET Compact Framework version 3.5 application, Live Tracker is a Windows Mobile application that provides GPS tracking capability along with the capability to synchronize way points and related GPS data back to a SQL Server database via Microsoft Synchronization Services. Local MapPoint mapping & image display is provided via the MapPoint Web services. This project demonstrates the following technologies: WCF, LINQ-to-SQL, MapPoint, SQL Server Compact Edition, Microsoft Synchronization Services and Windows Mobile API programming. Similar to the mLOB release from Microsoft, the LiveTracker project can be used as an accelerator in showing how these technologies can be combined to quickly build location and fleet tracking software applications for Windows Mobile devices.

Please note that the LiveTracker does reference the GpsTools SDK for GPS device interfacing. GpsTools SDK is a commercial library requiring a demo or full license key (see for additional details). Other GPS assemblies can easily be substituted by simply building an adapter to the IGpsDevice interface (see IGpsDevice.cs).

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